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Do I need to replace my evaporators with the replacement of my compres

Less than a year ago I had my compressor go out on my Samsung RF28HMEDBSR refrigerator. (FYI:The refrigerator is 4 years old) When the repair tech made the switch he also replaced the evaporators which he stated go bad when there are problems with the compressor. Yesterday I found out from a different tech at the same company that the replacement compressor was faulty and has leaked out its oil. He's looking to replace only the compressor. Should I be concerned that he's not replacing out the evaporators also based on what the first tech told me less than a year ago?

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The evaporator is nothing more than an aluminum tube that refrigerant flows through. The only reason to replace it is because it has a leak. Aluminum is not repairable. All the other refrigerant lines are copper or steel and can be repaired. A leak anywhere in the system can cause the compressor to fail.

The 1st tech probably located a leak in the evap and that’s why it was replaced along with the compressor. Replacing the evaporator is time consuming and not much fun, especially if it’s in the bottom freezer. The tech would not have replaced it if it wasn’t leaking.

The 2nd tech probably located the leak near the compressor and not in the evaporator. The lines near the compressor are copper or steel and can be repaired. The only component that should be replaced when replacing the compressor is the filter drier. Once the leak has been repaired and the compressor and filter have been installed, the system will be evacuated and tested for any leaks or restrictions, then recharged.

The evaporator is only needed if it has a leak. It is not necessary to replace the evaporator every time a compressor has failed.

I don’t know what either tech found when they were diagnosing the unit, and I don’t know what each explained to you. The 1st tech should have, and maybe did but not in depth, explain the diagnosis in a way that you could understood. I hope that I have explained each diagnosis and the reasons why in a manner that provides you with reassurance that your tech is confident and knowledge in their diagnosis.

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Thank you @ladytech!

That was a very well explained answer. The 1st tech did find a leak with the sealed system. I don't recall the exact problem unfortunately. The 2nd tech found that the compressor had leaked out all of its oil and failed. So your answer would definitely fit this situation. Thank you again!


@italianfryguy Your welcome.


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Hi @italianfryguy ,

It may be worth checking the manufacturer’s warranty statement for your fridge. Check the user manual to see if it is in there, if it is not a separate document.

Usually there is a 5 year (or more) manufacturer’s warranty on the “sealed system”.

Normally the sealed system includes the compressor, the evaporator unit, the piping and any valves, dryers etc BUT does not cover the labour cost involved in the replacement, repair etc.

It should be explained what is covered in the warranty statement.

The oil is normally in there to lubricate the compressor but I’m not going to argue with a professional as to what damage it may cause if any to an evaporator if the compressor goes bad

Maybe the two techs should consult each other as to what it correct if they work for the same company so as to not confuse their customers.

Maybe a 3rd expert opinion would help

@ladytech (click on the link to view the credentials of one of our expert volunteers)

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Thanks @jayeff, you are right that the 5 year warranty covers the sealed system. It also covers the labor of that system. After Nov, my 5 year will expire and so I want make sure this repair takes care of everything that is affected by the compressor going out again. The 10 yuh ear warranty covers just the compressor and not the labor. Once again thanks for the heads up.


@jayeff I had a similar thought. Thanks for the link. I will be on the phone a lot today with Samsung and my appliance techs company to resolve some confusion about the labor situation. While I'm at it, I'm going to edge in this topic about the evaporators. The tech from a year ago was a really nice guy and left me his personal number incase I ever had questions. I didn't want to bug him about this at first but he's probably going to get a call if I don't get some clear answers today. I want to go through proper channels first.


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