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{A1989 / EMC3214}—Erschienen im Juli 2018. Das 13" MacBook Pro ist mit Quad-Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren und Intel Iris Plus integrierter Grafik ausgestattet.

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Battery/ new does not charge


I have an issue with a 2018 13” MacBook Pro reporting it needs a new battery

  • Battery condition: replace now
  • Cycle count 2
  • Charge remaining (mAh) 0
  • Full charge capacity (mAh) 5169
  • Amperage (mA) 0
  • Voltage (mV) 4330,

Battery is not charging! Does any one know how to solve this ?

Is there a way to charge the battery discgnected from the mainboard? Like jump start

I think that the battery is under the charging designated voltage and the MacBook does not charge it due to this low voltage.

The laptop is new, was not used from 2018!

Tried SMC reset and it does not work

thank u

Update (03/29/2020)

i will ask / take it to apple store to see if they can change the battery . the laptop had not been used from 2018 …

i have opened it yesterday . checked the logs… and last time this laptop booted was in december 2018 . meaning that it was activated back then so i fear that it has no warranty left.

it tought that i can charge it on those + - pins on the battery board.

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Those contact points are for testing not charging and only access the the end points not the discreet cells (x6)


Those points are for the logic board to get power from battery.

At least I think so ... those points are the only way where current is flowing from battery to logic board and vice versa.

The other small cable is for data .. cycle counts .. curent .. .voltage .. etc.

Those 2 + - contacts must be the pins that give and take power

it's not possible to give current like 4 amps through that small cable ... That is data cable?


You are assuming there is no difference than a lead acid battery. Sorry its not!

Think of it like a flashlight with a set of 1.5 volt batteries in series. You can't charge them in the same manner you use them! Each battery needs to be charged independently for the others. If you don't one battery will over charge and could explode! Thats not also considering the rate of charge is different based on the depth of discharge and the point of charge as you get more charged.

The smaller cable is the data cable to monitor the battery cells so you don't over charge and monitor the discharge.

And no you don't want to inject 4 Amps of power into any connection! Unless you want to fry your system and you might set it on fire as well!

Please let's not kill your system! Unless you understand how Li-Ion batteries work and have the needed skills you are just going to hurt your system more.

How do Lithium Batteries Work? & Series and Parallel Battery Configurations again you don't have the needed access to the discreet cells without taking the battery apart and then it can't be reused.


and what i meant by 4 amps is that a high curent does not flow trough a thin conductor.. is like water if you have a big pipe the you can tansport large amount of water trough it. if you have big cable you cant transport high curent .


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2 Antworten

You’ll need to visit an Apple Store or authorized service center to see if you can get them to fix your system under warranty. I fear the battery has failed due to lack of use.

Li-Ion batteries are tricky! They can sustain a charge as long periods of time as long as there is no drain on them.

Apple uses a constant drain design for the Touch-ID to work. So storing the system for long periods will exhaust the battery to a point it can’t be workable.

Getting to the discreet cells to manually charging the cell with the proper Li-Ion charger is just not practical or safe. The problem here is the battery is sealed so you would need to take the battery fully apart to the point you can’t use it in your system.

Your only hope is replacing the battery, If you can’t get it done via Apple under warranty, you’ll need to find an independent who can do it but they will charge you the price of the battery and labor.

Here’s the needed part 13” MacBook Pro - Battery (18/19) Apple P/N 020-02497 (Used) and here’s the proper process MacBook Pro (13 Zoll, Ende 2016, Touch Bar) Akku tauschen You need the battery I’ve given you as the 16/17 model uses a different cell configuration.

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To me it looks like there is a problem with the battery, even though it only has 2 cycles. If the Mac is new, i understand that it's only has 2 cycles - if it's used for a period of time, it's unlikely that the number is correct, or likely that it’s been Sitting permanently to a charger - either way it reports that battery needs replacing and you should do that..:)

If the battery is below minimum-voltage, you should be able to get it to charge by having it set to charge for 24 hours.. If it won’t work, I'd replace the battery..:)

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