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The Sega Game Gear portable gaming device was released in 1991 in competition with the Nintendo Game Boy.

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Using a US Game Gear model in the UK?


I have a US GG model (2110G) which states to use the 2103 AC adaptor only which has;

INPUT: 120V AC 60Hz 14W, OUTPUT: 10V DC 0.85A.

My UK charger has the following details;

INPUT: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz, OUTPUT: 9V 1A.

Is it safe to use this Game Gear by using the UK plug?


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Hi @beenz,

Assuming that your UK adapter has a DC output (you didn’t specify) it won’t harm the device.

It can operate on 6 x 1.5V AA batteries (9V) so it should work

Also verify that the plug of the replacement adapter is centre pin +ve as shown on the adapter case, (see image below of your USA adapter which shows the +ve goes to the centre spot of the circle - the circle represents the plug - inner and outer connectors).

If the UK adapter has a reversing plug attached at the end of the cable i.e. it can be flipped over to supply either +ve voltage or -ve voltage from the adapter, depending on which way it is attached to the cable, ensure that it is supplying +ve to the centre pin of the plug.

Block Image

(click on magnifying glass symbol in image to enlarge for better viewing)

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Hi thanks for your advice, have just came back onto this site and seen your answer


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