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The Dell VRC-100R can be identified by its model number: 536-BBBS. It is a first-generation Bluetooth virtual reality controller that was released in October 2017.

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How to fix the Bluetooth pairing mode issue?

My controller will not enter pairing mode, even though the button itself works fine - two other people who had the same problem opened it up and nudged the Bluetooth bit (ribbon, as they described it) back into place which worked for them to solve the issue. Where is the Bluetooth piece on this circuit board? Thanks.

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You should look for an answer __before__ asking a question.

When I did that, I found this: Dell VRC100-R Daughterboard Replacement

That guide will show you both ribbon cables, and tell you how to detatch and re-attatch them to make sure they have good contact.

Think. Ask questions, Think more. Act.

Hope this helps.


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I did look for an answer beforehand, but as there isn't anything in that guide that states that either one of the ribbon cables is bluetooth, I thought I'd ask for help and hope someone could tell me. Thanks for your reply, I'll give that a shot the next time - I take it that one of those two ribbon cables is for Bluetooth, if so would you be able to tell me which one? This is my first time working with circuit boards and I'd like to learn what I can. Thanks again


@pidjin If you want to know the answer (which cable is which), follow the traces on the PCB. That is what everyone else would do. Find out which traces go to the BT chip. It does not matter, so you would be wasting your time. Make sure both cables are properly attached. Worst case, you fix an issue you did not know about, no harm, no foul.


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