Coffee spill on MacBook keyboard. Charger won’t work?

So I spilled iced coffee on my laptop ( the power button side ) and I panicked but immediately flipped my laptop upside down to shake off the excess liquid. I stupidly put my charger in to see if it would turn on but it didn’t so I took it off after 30 seconds. The laptop turned off right after I did this and I kept it upside down while I googled advice. I have a small screwdriver but it doesn’t work to take off the back from the laptop. I used the hair dryer on a low setting trick. After an hour, I dabbed the keyboard with a wet towel and accidentally pressed the on button and it turned on. I got excited but turned it off tight away just so I could let it dry more. But then thought about whether or not my charger works so I turned the laptop on and connected my charger for a few second and seem to work. So what I’m asking is if I should just leave it to dry for the next day or two or if I should REALLY try to open the back? I want to be hopefully because I cannot afford another laptop right now.

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Ouch! Not good ;-{

What is the nearest city to you?

Let's see if we can find someone to help you as just opening it up at this point won't be enough.


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