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Released February 2018. Dell Inspiron 14-5482 features a 14.0" HD screen and Intel i7 core.

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Do I need to be careful what memory to pick up when upgrading?

Im looking to upgrade the ram of the computer (I currently have 16 gb) and was wondering how to determine if memory sticks will be compatible before I purchase them.

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Crucial’s on line guide is good for replacement:



RAMMon (free for personal use) is an old standby to find out what RAM you have:


and finally

The Dell Inspiron-14 5482 Service Manual:


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Yes. Ram is not interchangeable. Find the technical specs for your model of laptop from Dell’s website and find the DDR and the clock speed.

For finding the ram you need: You will need to find SO-DIMM (laptop form factor) ram with the same DDR (will be either 3 or 4) and the same clock speed

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