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Das 3a gehört zur dritten Generation von Pixel Smartphones, ist eher preisgünstig und hat die gleiche Kamera wie Googles Flaggschiffe. Erhältlich in Schwarz (Just Black), Weiß (Clearly White) und Purpurartig (Purple-ish). Erschienen im Mai 2019.

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Pixel 3a screen repair did not work

Hi, I broke my Pixel 3a screen, and ordered a replacement screen from iFixit

After removing the old screen and plugging the new one in, it kind of works, but I get faint horizontal lines across half of the screen. Here’s an image I took of the phone (bad quality, don’t have a good camera on my backup phone):

Block Image

This photo I found online shows the exact same problem:

Block Image


  • I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting the ribbon cable 3 times, it looks exactly the same each time.
  • I’ve tried power cycling the device a couple of times.
  • Wiggling around the cable / chips at the bottom of the screen unit has zero effect on the problem. It always looks exactly the same kind of wrong.

However, another problem I noticed is that while the screen is the right size, the ribbon cable is about 0.8mm too long. When I lay the new screen flat while plugged into the ribbon cable slot, the screen is 0.8mm offset from the bezel that it should fit inside of:

Block Image

Did I get the screen unit for the wrong phone somehow? My order clearly says “Google Pixel 3a Screen”. Or is it defective? Is there anything else I can try?

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Same problem here. Have you ever found a fix or did I somehow damage the screen while replacing it?


i had this just happen to me as well


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Sorry, not an answer, and I don’t have the same problem, but I did notice that the original flex cable in my phone had 2 very tiny bends put into it to help the connector ‘drop’ into the slot (the replacements cable is straight). That might explain why yours is 0.8 mm too long.

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