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Ein Desktop Computer ist stationär und in einem Gehäuse untergebracht, getrennt von Peripheriegeräten wie Maus, Tastatur und Bildschirm

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When my hdmi is plugged into my gpu it says no signal

When plugged in to my motherboard it runs fine and has been running fine on my graphics card. But when I moved my room around to today I had to move my pc and it did not take any big hits or anything but now when plugged into my gpu it says no signal.

Any answers would be appreciated.

My graphics card is a radeon rx 570

If anything else is need I can tell you.

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Have you tried another cable or reseating the graphics card ?


@aactech I have tried a different cable but havent reseated the graphics card as I'm scared im gonna break it.


@Stxrsky Just release the catch and lift GENTLY up and down agian. You don't have to take out completely.

You don't say which make and model of RX570 you have and which motherboard model. This helps us when attempting to help you. What other ports beside HDMI does it have?

Did you do a driver or Windows update lately?

VIdeo cards are notorious for driver problems.


@aactech hey man sorry I havent replied my rx 570 not xt or anything. My mother board is the Prime z270-p i7 7700k. My driver uninstalled itself and wont reinstall as " Radeon Software Install Cannot Proceed as AMD Graphics Hardware Has Not Been Detected in Your System Configuration". I assume this was part of the problem. If I have given any the wrong information I apologise. I will try reseating the graphics card thank you for you help.

Edit - I just reseated my graphics card and no luck thank you for the tips anything else would be appreciated.


@Stxrsky Try "Display Driver Uninstaller":


This excellent utility completely removes all traces of graphics drivers whether Nvidia or AMD. Especially good when changing cards from one to ther other.

Graphics card drivers can get wierd corruption in their drivers that only this complete removal of every trace including Registry, etc .

It has saved me anumber of times.

You checked BIOS/UEFI settings, right?

If none of this works then I suggest that the card is defective.

Good luck!


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Check BIOS settings to make sure the primary video is set to the PCI GPU

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I had this issue also, tried many things but what actually worked was resetting the BIOS to the default. It seems that there was a short in the computer (USB) that seemed to affect the BIOS. Once the BIOS was reset the Video card came alive again. I thought of this because I changed video cards and with all video card the HDMI port would not work but all the other video ports on the cards worked.

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