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1.6, 1.8, or 2 GHz G5 processor

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no power, bulging caps x6

hi gurus,

have just opened up my g5 1058

The short version of the story is that i've bought this as a dabble into the world of mac's. The story was won't power on...so I opened it up and found 6 definitely bulging caps. I've read this is common to these models and would like to have a go at replacing them, I've also read that you guys think this is a difficult repair job! So.. ? Have you any masterful hints and tips to remove them as the common thread is that it's difficult with these layered boards. Any help greatly appreciated.

also read a few articles about this on badcaps.net and one linked from previous questions which suggest "rippling"..now I'm not an engineer, I'm an ordinary citizen and I was lost after the first hyperbolic graph and accompanying abbreviations. My general understanding was that all? the caps will need replacing, and so will the PSU as this is the source of the "rippling". Am I on the right track here or am I confused?

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found emc = 1989


interestingly the only caps that are bulging are nichicom 1800uf 6.3v..am I right in thinking as these 6 are different to the rubycon on the rest of the rows that these have been replaced once already?


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Polly, Jim Warholic is the definitive guys on this problem. I've also order caps from him. I've never heard of "rippling". Sounds like you've gotten into some deep stuff with over analysis of the issue. Read this over and see if it makes more sense to you: http://jimwarholic.com/2008/07/how-to-re...

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actually I got the rippling from his site... clever man. what interests me and you may know the answer is whether all the caps on this model were all the same make? it seems odd that only the 1800 by one manufacturer have gone kaput whereas the rubycon are still seemingly ok (Have yet to get the motherboard out completely, just a few screws holding it in ) also looked at badcaps.com and he's only selling the 2 types of caps that are in my machine. As I'll be ordering from a UK seller I think I'll just try and match what Jim sells.


I'm just going to order the 6 caps and see how we go. this is going to be "his" mac so if it fails I'll be fixing it anyway...there was quite a good video on the link about removing these tricky caps so thanks for that.


the caps have arrived and I have tried to get the old ones out using a soldering iron and a bit of wiggling...hmm this is going to take a long time. Just wondering whether anyone has a faster method? that doesn't require 8 hands? I've 24 more to do and this one took bloomin' ages!


drill it out or clip the wire on the caps and re-solder onto the existing stub


aaaaaaah. would upvote again but alas.. thanks mayer.


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For heaven's sake don't drill any motherboard, just get some solder wick. It's cheap, simple, safe and effective. Lots of videos show how to use it.

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