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The fourth generation of Honda Accord covering model years 1990 through 1993 available in coupe, sedan, and wagon chassis.

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Why won’t my car run after cleaning the engine?

I own a 1993 Honda Accord and it’s ran perfectly since I bought it a year ago. Recently it has been leaking a little oil but I couldn’t really tell where it was leaking because the engine was so dirty My bright idea was to get my son to clean the engine. He did and when I got back in the car it started right up but by the time I got to the end of my road it was acting like it was out of gas and would barely even idle thenn it died and hasn’t started since. Please give me some ideas.

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Take air filter out and check if it's soaked with water. After that just let that thing dry out. Or replace air filter. I buried a 93prelude in water and blew the motor. A little water won't kill it but a lot can seize they engine or cause rods to shear.

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