My aux headset makes noises and echos?

A few days ago, i plugged in my aux to my gaming headset (nothing special about it maybe like a 40$ headset) and i noticed that the audio was all messed up. What was happening was the environmental sounds (footsteps, gunfire, looting) was a kind of spacy sound with an echo. But there was an obvious difference when somebody talked in the video, the voice was warped and messed up and i could slightly understand what they were saying but not very well. Then i looked up some solutions and they told me to troubleshoot the hardware and it ended up reinstalling some type of hardware and when my computer rebooted the audio was TWICE as bad if not worse. Now i can barely hear voices and they are extremely warped and quiet and in game sounds are worse than before. Any ideas what i should do? I feel its necessary to also state that the headset works perfectly when i connect it to my ps4 controller and it sounds clean. Audio from laptop speakers work fine as well.

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