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General repair information on LG washing machines.

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Lg Wm2010cw, pausing mid cycle, drains sometimes OE

I have an LG Wm2010cw. It's a frontoading washing machine. Recently I have been getting an OE error, which is a drain problem. I've checked the pump filter, checked the hoses, all clear. Interestingly, when I ran a Rinse/Spin on the already sopping wet clothes, it finished the cycle with no errors! Any thoughts on how I can fix this so I don't have to manually reset every load?

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I also have this problem. I am attempting to remove the drain pump filter. I removed the drain filter cap, but the filter is did not come out. Is there a trick to get the filter out. I first thought the filter cap had broken from filter body but it seems this model cap and filter is separate. My mother-in law has the same model and noticed hers was the same. Filter does not have a good surface to grip to remove it from the pump. Hoping I can find a solution for this particular model that does not require me to remove the pump to be able to extract the filter. I am afraid something might be stuck that is keeping from filter from being easily removed. The videos I have seen for LG seem to show the cap and filter being removed as one piece. But for mine the cap came off with filter still installed. I does not seem like the cap broke apart from the actual filter body, at least I do not see any evidence of it being broken.


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Hi @ct53 ,

Don’t know the answer but the here’s an image of the drain malfunction troubleshooting flowchart taken from the service manual.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Also on p.13 it shows how to get into the test mode for the washer to test the various functions of the washer including the drain pump.

Hopefully a start.

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