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The SKIL 4235 Jigsaw is a handheld power tool capable of cutting thin material such as plywood or plastic in a simple or complex planar design. The tool uses 120V AC input such as a household wall socket, to power a small blade, which can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Please consult the owners' manual for safety reminders.

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Loose Blade (Not riding on the guide bearing)

Makita Brushless Jigsaw

After taking the jigsaw apart I found three loose parts inside the motor housing (Pictured) does anybody have any idea where they go? I can’t seem to find where they belong?

Block Image

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I don’t know but here’s a parts diagram of the jigsaw that may help.

Nothing looks obvious except maybe part #56, but you might spot something “missing” when viewing the diagram and then the actual components in the jigsaw.

Hopefully a start

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We are having a similar issue. It states with the hike that holds the blade in place being turned from front to back. The shaft has for sone reason spun


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