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The Dell Inspiron 1440 is a laptop that was made in 2010. It comes with a webcam and Windows 7. Model Number: PP42L

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My laptop is heating too much, how I can fix? #lockdown

Hi there, my laptop is burning like Sun and it is really hard to give a touch but doing so due to emergency. Also, I cannot go to the shop to have its checkup therefore can some body tell how to fix it? I need to add articles at smokerzhub

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clean it. See if you have any spyware. Or Just reinstall windows


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Hi Lia,

Try elevating the laptop on something so there is a good air flow underneath to help cool it.

Unless you are patient, really good at taking things apart and read and follow instructions well and, hey, have some tools well - don’t take it apart. This model is a little convoluted in terms of tear down.

You best bet would be to first tun it off then blow air into the side vent near the fan (where you feel a gentle flow of air coming out) to blow out dust. Canned air, if you have it, or you could try a drinking straw or small plastic tube from a pen to blow through. If you don’t feel any air coming then the fan may have stopped spinning. This would be more serious and require taking the laptop apart.

That’s a start. Let us know how it goes.


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I think you need to change your laptop fan, which is used for the cooling up the laptop.

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Same happened with me please also tell me, What I do now.

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