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The first Legacy was available at Japanese dealerships on February 1, 1989, with worldwide distribution starting in 1990.

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electric aerial not working

hi my electric aerial has stopped workin since took battery off to re charge...any ideas...which fuse relates to aerial? 91 legacy

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i know this isn't aerial related but we had a similar issue with a sunroof and the battery issue. the solution was to disconnect the battery again and then it worked..seemed the cars computer had reset itself. might be a similar problem here?


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It does not appear as if your Subaru has a designated fuse for just the antenna. I would check on the radio fuse or look for an inline fuse. I attached part of the wiring diagram as an image. The complete wiring diagram from the service manual is available right here for you to download. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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