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The Nokia 3310, released in 2000, is known for being incredibly durable.

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Why won't the 2000 Nokia 3310 turn on?

I found this and i wanted to turn it on but it won’t charge or anything when it was charging I put it up to my ear and I hear a buzzing noise.

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After all this time the battery will have become depleted beyond recovery and will need to be replaced.

If you replace the battery and get it to turn on then it will not work as a phone anymore in most places as it is a 2G only phone and this mobile phone system has been shut down most everywhere, replaced by 3G, 4G and now 5G options

If you still want to go ahead then here are the two battery model options that were used:

BMC-3 or BLC-2 (supplier example only - just search for the battery model number to find other suppliers)

Here’s the page from the user manual that shows how to access the battery to check which type of battery is installed. (Look for the model number on the battery)

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I appreciate your insight, but the buzzing sound also occurs with no battery at all. and idk i feel like there could’ve been water damage. there’s like blue gunk in between the gold contacts on the battery and darker spots which seems like corrosion but i don’t know with ni-mh battery’s.


but i don’t know too much about this phone either i’m trying to learn more


This will help with any water damage and here is how to teardown the phone.

Buzzing can occur when no battery is installed as the electronics are expecting it to be there when charging. Not in all cases it depends on the circuit design. Also corrosion doesn't help as it can create unwanted circuit paths in electronic circuits so buzzing might the there when it shouldn't be


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I do have the exact same problem, when it does buzz it’s just not gonna work, maybe you see the screen on the bottom right trying to show some signs of life, a small battery icon to be exact trying to show, then screen goes off, this is a battery problem, give it some time, the moment we are talking I got the exact same issue multiple times so I know what it is, try removing the battery for some minutes, then try turning it on without charger (if it has any charge), then clean the battery contacts, same goes for phone battery contacts with isopropyl alcohol and a small ear cleaning stick (English is not my main language sorry), it’ll work, it just needs it’s time, if it doesn’t work, just try getting another battery, they are cheap, 2G network here in Greece does still exist so I think you’ll be fine, most new 10€ cellphones still use 2G network so you don’t have to worry about that one

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