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Got my screen replaced and now the colors are all messed up?


I recently broke my phone screen and got it replaced (not at Apple). The colors of my phone are all messed up now. The contrast + saturation of my screen is really high, and all my pictures look really ugly and distorted now. I tried fixing it in settings in color filters, but it didn’t work; the contrast and saturation are too high. Also my increase contrast is off. What do I do??

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I’m not one to usually assume things, but I have seen this way too many times and it’s usually caused by the person who completed this repair. Most cases are the person installed a really cheap aftermarket screen and those usually tend to have issues with contrast and saturation. This person also may have skipped this important step when repairing this specific phone found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMeAnY_j...

Programming the screen is needed for the light sensor and true tone functionality to work and so many people/repair businesses fail to do so. Do you see any text that says “True Tone” found in settings < display and brightness?

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yes what do i do after that is there a way to fix it?


Hi toreskey. Is there any way to tell if high saturation after screen replacement is due to lack of TrueTone or low quality of the replacement part? Are there any specific colors that can be analyzed to determine if the problem is caused by not programming the light sensor?


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I have an iPhone XR and the same thing happened to me (off brand replacement screen). I fixed it by using the color filters in the settings (Display & Text Size > Color Filters). I ended up using the Color Tint (the Hue selector was about 1.5 the size of the word “intensity” and the Intensity was between the T and E of it). I hope this helps.

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@jaemeappel thank you so so so much, this actually helped a lot.


Can h help me idk how to do this


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