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HD pet camera with treat dispenser that monitors and flings treats. See, talk, play, and reward your pet remotely. Play fetch from your phone.

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Why is the launching mechanism not flinging treats?

I have the black Petcube bites. The wheel is spinning to drop treats into the launching compartment but the little paddle that launches the treats out is not moving at all. It sounds like a gear keeps spinning and then just stops. There is no treats stuck behind the flinger from the bottom trap door. I am using the recommended Blue Buffalo Blue bits dog treats.

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Just missed the 1 year warranty, they won't look into it looking for instructions to open the whole thing


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I had the exact same problem with mine, and once again, I was out of warranty.

I thought there was no harm in investigating it myself, as it wasnt flinging anyway.

The base of the unit has a rubber mat that is glued to the aluminium case.

  1. Carefully remove this by peeling it off the base, ensuring that bit comes off cleanly
  2. You will find there are about 6 screws holding the base on. Using a Philips screwdriver, remove them.
  3. Next you will need to remove the camera and chute from the front of the unit. It is simply attached to the motherboard inside by a plug. So gently prise this off with as little force as possible
  4. The internal of the unit should now easily pull out of the aluminium case
  5. There are about 8 screws holding the internal unit together. Carefully remove those with a Philips screwdriver and pull the two halves apart. Making sure that you don’t damage any of the small cables attached to the different sides.

You will now have access to the motors and the cogs which turn the dispenser and also load the tension on the catapult itself.

It appears that mine had jammed, and if you move the parts gently, you should be able to free the jam up.

All in all, it took me about an hour to complete the job and put it back together, and I now have a fully working Petcube Bites once again.

Hope this helps someone in the future looking to do the same with an Out Of Warranty device.

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What part exactly did you unjam? I see all the parts but can’t find the jam…


I am also having this issue, did you find the problem??


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There just doesn’t seem to be any information on repairing these yet so I would contact them directly here:


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In case this helps anyone...

When @chrispheloung says "rubber mat that is glued to the aluminium case", he's really referring just to the mat and not the entire base of the unit.

I spent 10 minutes trying to pry off the base of the device, damaging its enclosing and eventually breaking one of the screw attachment, before figuring out that the screws were just under the mat itself!!

I decided to take pictures of all the steps of my repair if it can help anyone even more in the future, my Guide is here:

How to fix the main motor of Petcube Bites 2 Lite

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