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Manufactured from 2004 to 2009, the Vino 125 has a 125cc engine.

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Fuel leaking from an open hose coming from bottom of carburetor I

Trying to figure out why fuel leaks steadily out of a very small hose coming from be very bottom of the carburetor. Hose does not appear to attach anywhere seems like an open hose. Leaks only when running. Also a thicker hose coming from mid carb leaks some as well while running. That hose Appears to be a vent hose of some sort and is sliced add a 45 at the end. Final note I have got the scooter to run smoothly but just facing these leaks any information would be greatly appreciated , the gas tank is nowhere near full checked already.

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were you able to fix this? I have the same problem


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Don’t know the answer but here’s the service manual for a YJ125S scooter. Hopefully it is for your year model as it says 1st. Edition Nov’ 2003 on p.2 of the manual

Section 6 in the manual details how to check and test the carburettor.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Thx Jeff I will check it out!


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