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Bright flat panel circular LED ceiling light

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Intermittent fail to switch on LED panel light - RESOLVED

After a couple of years user found this light would not come on. Checked OK, eventually found yes it is faulty, not before replacing the power adapter to no avail. Took it apart and found the fault.

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I have repaired 3 LED’s recently, Dismantle the unit to expose the individual LED’s, check each LED to find the faulty one, most times it is obvious to the naked eye, remove the individual faulty LED and jumper across it with a blob of solder or a jumper wire.

As each LED is connected in series, just like the old Xmas tree lights, when one expires, they all go out.

LED’s can handle a range of voltages so a small increase to the rest by removing one shouldn’t bother it.

If you’re at all concerned, test run it on the bench for a day or two as I did, no extra heat, all are back in place and have been going for months.

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In fact the LED power adaptors are constant-current, not fixed voltage, so shorting round an led element will not over-stress the others. As happens when you stuff metal foil in the socket of a missing Christmas tree string . .


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Undo the six screws holding the back panel, remove card disc, and two light reflecting discs. LEDs are a circular tape inside metal frame, in two lengths, and solder blob connecting them appeared dry or broken. Repaired by soldering a bit of wire. Moral: don’t order a new power adapter till the luminare itself is checked!

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