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Sega Master System is Sega's 2nd Console and was a part of the Third Console Generation. It was originally called Sega Mark III when it was released in Japan in 1985, when it got released in America in 1986, in Europe in 1987 and rereleased in Japan in 1987 it got renamed to Sega Master System with a new design (Model 1 & 2).

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Button 2 on controller port 1 not working

Hi there! I have a NTSC (USA) Master System and button 2 is not working on controller port 1. I have two original controllers and both work perfectly when connected to controller port 2, but if I connect to port 1, button 2 won’t work. I tried resoldering all 9 pins for controller port 1, but problem persists. Any idea what might be wrong? Thank you!

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Hello, did you solve your problem?

When you re-soldered, did you check continuity between controller port 1, pin 9 to resistor R6 and there to leg 20 in IC #4.

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Hi there.

I am having the same issue. Button two not working. Have tried and bought new controllers to rule that out. Continuity between pin 9 on the controller connecter is okay and pin 9 to resister R6 is also okay and leg 20 on the IC4 chip to R6 is fine. I have de-soldered and re-soldered the controller connecter just to ensure a good connection. Could the ic4 chip be dead? I really want to solve this for my master system 2



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