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Cabin air filter problem on 2009 Chrysler Town and Country?

Quoted..."Still Does not make sense. For 2008 Town and Country Touring, 3.8L engine -- the Owners Manual doesn't resemble mechanically what is behind the glove box. There is some kind of curved perforated metal housing, but no accessible bolts, tabs or brackets that resemble a panel to remove to gain access to a filter. Perhaps this model does not have an A/C filter? Thank you, please advise?"

My 2009 is similar to this problem, however Chrysler must have replaced 'metal mesh' with 'plastic mesh'. There are no clips, only screws that cannot be accessed w/o a 90 degree screwdriver. There is a 'sueded cardboard covering' below this, under the glove box. After removing that to expose bottom of 'meshed' screen area, still no opening with accessible 'clips'.

And probably a part of the question you can't answer, why isn't there a cabin filter on some models of the Town & Country van??

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I am certain you already checked on here Where is the cabin air filter in a 2008 Chrysler Town and Country? Since you do have the owners manual, I am certain that you have already done the whole glovebox thing etc. I checked on Alldata repair manual, and the procedure is the same for the '08. you might want to find out from your dealer if your vehicle has a cabin air filter. I believe that the automatic climate control system equipped vehicles have it. The manual climate control does not. Of course, let your dealer verify that. Good Luck

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I was just told today by my mechanic, according to the VIN, my 2009 Dodge Caravan does not have a cabinet air filter. Some of the Town and Countrys same tear don't have them either. They just got cheap and lazy.


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