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Der Apple Pencil der 1. Generation für das iPad Pro, angekündigt am 9. September 2015 und erschienen Mitte November 2015. Modell A1603.

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Pencil at 3% plugged into tablet, shows it’s charging fast, but @3%?

Pencil stopped charging via the cable and adapter, which I had to buy! Tried to charge by plugging it into tablet and it worked fine for awhile. Could be a coincidence, but upgraded to 13.4.1, now pencil says 3% of battery life. When plugged into tablet , it charges extremely fast, but it’s not charging at all. It still says “pencil is at 3%” , so I’m debating buying another one. I tried to unpair the pencil and repair it to my iPad Pro, it didn’t want to pair . I finally got it to pair after restarting the tablet! Still charging super fast , but it’s not actually charging !


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Well, I’ve officially given up on this and purchased a new one! It is something wrong that I can’t fix externally without destroying the pencil. I couldn’t get it to pair to my husbands ipad either and they are the exact same model. It’s something wrong with the Bluetooth as well as the battery. I tried to pair his pencil to my tablet with no issues. He hasn’t dropped his either like I have. So, I guess my question is answered! 

Don’t DROP the pencil all the time!

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