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The latest Nespresso Vertuo single serve brewer: A daring design with enhanced flexibility and convenience. Excellent freshly brewed Alto, Coffee and Espresso in hot and in cold with a naturally formed crema at the touch of a button.

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Can someone provide a dissembling tutorial for this machine?

I would greatly appreciate if someone provided a tear down video for this machine. My gf’s machine is experiencing a coffee leak. The coffee leak may be cause because of some piping issue, may be clogged with ground coffee bits, not entirely sure. It is also causing an inconsistent coffee flow, this machine would normally pour of coffee in a smooth stream but now seems to be intermittent. Also, because of the clogged pipes and unnatural coffee flow it seems to have built up coffee in the canal area where you load in your pods, which causes the machine to leak coffee.

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I have one of these partially dismantled but only the outer cases, water supply piping and base so far.

The real problem is the electronic/mechanical drive system for the top!! Pure lazyness really, what's up with just clipping it down by hand!,

So, I am reluctant to press on and break some crucial part.

If someone at iFixit wants me to send them the rest of this machine to use as a guinea pig let me know :)



@jpirie Any luck opening the pod bay?


Hi Nathen,

Not as yet. I admit to not having tried too hard though...It's not my coffee machine and has been donated as a project. As such it has been lying under the bench partially dismantled for a wee while :)

I will get round to trying though but...even if I do get it apart..I'm totally unsure of where the coffee is leaking from and how to stop that :( I usually have at least a half clue as to what I am trying to achieve .

Such a stupid design really.


I have drown into internet seeking a diagram and I have no lucky at all! someone will have the diagram of this coffe maker? Nesspreso VertuoPlus GCB2 pliiiiiiis!


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Hi Peter, watch this youtube video https://youtu.be/b86_d7i0Eug to take the sides off a Nespresso VertuPlus. This same author has video that shows how to remove the bottom too. I have yet to find a schematic as well. Hope this Helps - KC

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