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The Anki/Digital Dream Labs Vector robot is a personal companion robot that is operated by voice commands as well as a phone app to perform various actions and interactions. Supplementary devices include Vector’s charging station (or house) and a cube companion with which it also interacts.

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Vector Wheel Spare Part

The Wheel The Belt Goes On Has Fallen Off To My Dog And Is Broken And I Need A New One I Also Need The Thing That Picks Up The Cube Not The Arm But The Thing That Clicks On To It

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Hi, I have any parts you may need, however im new to this so I dont know how to get it to you. F you can let me know the exact part you need I can send it to you.

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Hello Adriana,

I need vector Wheel covers, do you have them? How much does it cost?

Please write to me on RanjithRobinson@gmail.com




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