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The Samsung Odyssey is Samsung's first gaming computer. The Odyssey features high resolution gaming performance for an affordable price. Model Number: NP800G5M

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How do you replace the keyboard and mousepad assembly?

I spilled water on the keyboard a while back. Everything else still works flawlessly, however the keyboard and mousepad fail to work. I’m going to purchase the below part from Ebay that includes the keyboard, mouse and power button. Would it be possible to get a guide or a description on how to install this?

Block Image

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Do you have the guide booklet that came with the laptop?

Essentially, you will have to place the laptop upside down. Then unscrew the screws from the bottom of the laptop.

Pull out the keyboard and unplug the internal wires of the keyboard.

Do similar to the trackpad.

Replace the parts and check if everything works properly.

Screw the screws back to the bottom and the job is done.

I hope this helps


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