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The Huawei P20 Lite is a budget, yet powerful, smartphone from tech giant Huawei. It features dual rear-facing cameras and an amazing display.

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How can I fix my phone

How can I fix my Huawei p20 lite? - I've replaced the screen of my phone multiple times but have never replaced the frame. yesterday I replaced the screen and frame and while doing the test it worked. I then glued on the back and it would not turn on and had a flashing red light on the status indicator. I charged it up but to no avail. I then took the back off again and once again it worked flawlessly ( i did this a few times and the screen still would not turn on when the back was glued on). I then tried to glue on the back when the phone was on and it must have turned off itself because it will not work. i have taken it apart again but it will not turn on. When I plugged it in and pressed the power button the status indicator flashes red. I may have damaged the battery while fixing the phone and that may explain why it runs out of battery so quickly but I don't think it is related to it not turning on. If anyone has any ideas about what's wrong or a solution I would greatly appreciate if you could reply

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Hi there!

You should leave the phone to just charge for an hour or two! Don’t even try to turn it on or anything. If it doesn’t turn on and keeps doing the same thing after that its either a faulty battery or something with charging.

The red flashing notification light means that it doesn’t have enough power to turn on.

Hope this helps!

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hi, thanks for the reply. when i posted that i had left it to charge for hours multiple times but it still would not work. It has now miraculously started working again but i am nervous it may turn off and not work again. I have ordered a new battery and antenna cable however i am considering canceling them now as it is working. Any thoughts?


@Dónal McDermott Hi! I am happy that it works now! It should be okay for now! Just change what you need! Before you change anything maybe do a hard reset on the device. That should help with it registering all the hardware changes.


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