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Why my iPad got electricity sounds from the back of the ipad?

I've had my iPad pro 2018 for 8 months now , recently for a week now i hear a voice from the back of my ipad like electricity sound when I close the The screen the sound decreases and when I turn on the screen the sound get higher but the sound is there rather I close or open the screen why so ?

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same here, I have started to hear it. I don't know why it happens


They are the iPad’s antennas, as you may know, cases and covers interfere with the iPad‘s antenna performance, so the iPad has to increase the power of such antennas in order to go through the folio or cover

Second you close the iPad or remove it from the folio, the antennas can rest in order to save battery life (not that they drain a lot of energy anyway)

It has been happening since I got a Smart Keyboard for my iPad years ago and it has been working perfectly fine.


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Coil whine?

Happens on my iPad and iPhone too, seems like it’s normal

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