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windows showing tronsmart element mega as headphones only

hi to everyone,

well the computers, 2 different ones, both windows, upon trying to establish a connection with the trosmart element mega, they do, but they are shown as headphones. that in turn makes the sound very bad, because I suppose the sound works differently on headphones and speakers?!

the point is, windows doesn’t register it as speakers, and the sound is quite bad

any ideas?

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Have you checked that the BT drivers in the the computers are up to date?

According to the Tronsmart Eleement Mega FAQ (see #23) :

We can’t supply any drivers. The Bluetooth A2DP/HSF drivers may be required to play stereo sound via Bluetooth connection. But the driver is actually needed for the Bluetooth module on your PC, instead of the speaker. The different Bluetooth module may require different drivers. Please contact your PC or Bluetooth module's manufacturer for the driver update.

It might be worthwhile checking this out and see if there are any updated drivers for the BT module in both the computers

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yeah i have, i mean the drivers are updated regularly. btw, when connected through mobile phone, the speaker is working perfectly fine. it's only the computers that are “registering” the speaker wrongly



So in Bluetooth Device Control for the speaker there are no other options under Settings to change it from "headset" to speaker then?

Also check in Settings > Devices > More Bluetooth options


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