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7" tall Siri-powered smart speaker, made by Apple Inc. Released February 9, 2018 in Space Gray and White. Model number A1639.

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Where can I get my apple home pod repair for cheap

Everytime I plug my home pod I dont hear anything or see any status light on top of the speaker, but i do feel that it is on just no lights or sound. I called apple and they are charging me about the same price to buy another home pod . So im looking for a third party repair shop to fix it. ANybody with suggestions let me know

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Unfortunately there aren’t any independent repair shops that I’m aware of and they’re not really designed with repair ability in mind. Like a lot of consumer electronics, once they break, the manufacturer just expects consumers to replace it rather than repair.

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I know this post is old, but did you get it fixed? Or is it fulfilling all your dreams as door stop? Checkout Nic aka the unbendablestraw he’s the go to in the USA. Not sure if I can post the email address so Google it. Ps if in Europe/UK he can also recommend someone! 😎


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