Bad LVDS cable or logic board?

Hi everyone,

Dropped my ‘14 MBP off the couch and it started behaving oddly. The screen wouldn’t work so I plugged it into the TV via HDMI, then it would boot into the Apple loading screen, get stuck, then turn white, then turn grey. I could access internet recovery but it did nothing and I could access verbose mode but it did nothing. Hardware diagnostics came back good.

I then disassembled and disconnected every cable I could find before reconnecting. I even hit the thing on the floor a few times (not that hard) as a last ditch effort, and it worked. The integrated screen worked as well.

Well it worked for a day or two, then I started to get a lot of grey vertical lines covering the screen and it wouldn’t respond. Moving the display or waiting would usually result in a screen refresh, but then the lines would reappear. I thought it was obviously a bad screen cable, but that didn’t seem to explain the previous problem.

I then got a new LVDS cable, and now the screen and Apple logo don’t work at all. I can still use the computer when it’s connected to an external display. I think I’m gonna try another LVDS cable then give up if that doesn’t work. I’m a pretty decent at electronics repair for an amateur and this isn’t a hard job, so I think it’s unlikely I messed anything up when I had the body open. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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