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The SteelSeries Apex 150 gaming keyboard delivers an ultra-fast and quiet key feel with guaranteed 20-million clicks and splash resistance for lifelong durability. With customizable and brilliant five-zone Prism RGB illumination and Game Sense reactive in-game lighting, the Apex 150 lights up your battle station. Fully-programmable keys, combined with advanced anti-ghosting and 24-key rollover deliver fast-paced, accurate gaming.

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I recently bought a keyboard and most of the keys are unresponsive?

My keyboard’s keys are unresponsive when clicked, everything works except most the keys. If I take the keys off and press on the membrane it still doesn’t work anyone know why? Sorry if this question has already been answered but I cannot find it anywhere so if someone knows please let me know or this keyboard is now rendered useless to me.

Many thanks in advance,


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The SteelSeries Apex 150 keyboard needs special software (called the “SteelSeries Engine”) in order to work. If you have not downloaded the software yet, that may be why the keyboard isn’t working very well. The SteelSeries Engine software can be found on the web page at the link below:


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My bad should have said in the question, I have downloaded and re download the software and it does pick the keyboard up but the keys do not work?


If you recently bought the keyboard, set it up according to the instructions, and it's still malfunctioning, then it may be best to return it for a refund.


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