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Device and repair information for the 60" LED HD TV by Samsung released in 2013, model number UN60FH6003FXZA.

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No power replaced both boards still no good

I have a un60h6203af there was no power so I replaced both main board and power supply they were cheap enough. When I put it back together I plugged it in and standby light was on but noticed didn’t plug in backlights when I did plug in back light cable the standby light went off and no power again so I’m not sure why the backlights would be making the tv get no power? So it still will not turn on to even see a menu screen dim or to hear if there’s sound so I can’t tell if it’s a t con or backlights never had this problem before need some help please

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When I disconnect the main board to the power board the back lights come on. Reconnect and the screen just flashes. Is it the cable? I've replaced both boards. Ty



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Hi @jdegregz ,

Start back at the beginning.

All boards and cables in and connected correctly.

Connect power to the TV

Standby light not on - check voltage on power board standby power test point as marked on the power board. Think it is ~7.5V but not sure. If no voltage check fuse on power board

Standby light on - disconnect power from the TV and then disconnect the cable between the power board and the mainboard. Reconnect the power to the TV and turn on the TV. The TV LED backlights should turn on full and stay on. There will be no picture because the mainboard is disconnected.

Backlights not on - check voltage at LED connector on power board. >220V DC problem with LED array. <50V DC problem with power board

Backlights on - turn off TV and disconnect the power. Reconnect cable between the mainboard and the power board. Reconnect power to the TV, standby light on then turn on the TV.

If TV turns on but no audio or display check the voltages as marked on the power board near the cable going to the mainboard. Also using a torch shine at an angle close to the screen to check for images. They will be very faint so if possible try in a darkened room to help see them if they are there or not. If still no display or audio and power board voltages are OK then probably a mainboard problem.

Hopefully a start.

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So everything is getting power fuses are ok. Could the backlights be messed up so bad that when I plug them into power supply there pulling to much power trying to work and standby light goes off. I think my next step is to pull tv down to backlights and get power to them and see if they all work not sure if that makes sense. On the main board I got there was a note and it said backlights on this model are susceptible to breaking and act like it’s the main board. When I plug them in the standby light blinks a few times but read with Samsung that’s not a troubleshoot code but never had this problem usually I’ll replace a few capacitors or if o don’t see any blown I’ll replace the right board and it’s usually good this one seems more complicated. I tryed to check lcd connector on power board wasn’t getting a reading either


@jdegregz ,

If there is no power on the power board LED connector when the mainboard is disconnected from the power board then there is a problem with the power board.

It may be that there is a problem with the LED array that blew the power board feed to the LED array of course.

You may have to check the LED array.

Not sure if you have done the following when you said "I tryed to check lcd connector on power board wasn’t getting a reading either" so apologies if this is what you tried.

Disconnect the power from the TV and then disconnect the cable from the power board to the LED array and use an Ohmmeter to measure the resistance of the cable feeds to the LEDs.

If there are 4 wires go between each pair. You should not read a short circuit or low resistance which could have blown the power board.

That is not to say that there aren't any short circuit LEDs in the array that perhaps may have caused too much current to flow from the power board damaging it.

But you have to start somewhere.

Just don't put in a replacement power board unless you are satisfied that the LED array is OK.


@jdegregz disconnect the main board from the power board. That should turn your back lights on. If your back lights do not come on then the issue is most likely a bad backlight array.


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@jdegregz disconnect the main board from the power board. That should turn your back lights on. If your back lights do not come on then the issue is most likely a bad backlight array. This TV set is very known to have bad LED's. Turn the TV on and measure the VDC of the BLon pin on the PSU, in order to make sure the main board is actually turning on the back lights. Should be pin 5 on CNM803 (somewhere in the 4V range to turn BL on) Measure the voltages on your power supply leading to the backlight LED’s and let us know what you get. DC voltages can be high, so set your meter to around 5-600 V scale and black probe to ground.

Block Image

Block Image

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Back light. Once one LED dies the entire strip dies.

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