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WiFi Hardware not installed after keyboard replacement

Hello everyone! I come here after days of research on all threads that had a similar problem as mine.

Here comes de deal: 3 days ago I replaced my MacBook keyboard because some keys were not working. The procedure (with the help of iFix’s it guide tyvm) went really smootly. I then reasambled all the parts and went to power on my macbook. Everything seemed fine and working, but then I noticed that the WiFi icon was greyed out and with a cross, I clicked on it and said “WiFi: No hardware installed”. I said “oh well, maybe I forgot to plug some connector or it was just loose”, so I went inside again and double checked everything, nothing was loose, and every connector was well seated. Powered on again, and the same icon and message was there.

AirPort Card is not even listed nor seen under “WiFi” in system report.

Bluetooth (it communicates from the card to the MB from the same cable if I’m not mistaken) however works just fine, all my devices are still stored and can connect w/o a problem.

What I have tried since then with no luck:

  • Clean connectors from the cable/MB/AirtPort card.
  • Checked for broken/bent pins.
  • SMC/NVRAM reset.
  • Changed the cable that connects from the AirPort Card to the MB.
  • Delete some files from System Preferences about network.
  • Disk repair.
  • And surely a couple of more things.

Sorry for the long post, but been struggling with this thing like crazy.

Update (07/02/2020)

Quick update, today I received a new AirPort Card, installed it, but WiFi still remains missing, so I’m thinking is a mainboard problem, although no pins on the connector seem damaged, maybe some other component is. USB Dongle works fine, but I did lost some functionallity such as AirDrop and AirPlay.

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Time to try a known working airport card.

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Is it possibile that the AirPort card fails only for WiFi and not for Bluetooth? That's what got me confused.


Yes i've seen this


Oh well, an usb dongle will have to do it then. I live in Argentina, and parts here are almost impossible to get, further more international shopping with the COVID-19 around is a no go unless you're willing to wait 6-12 months to arrive. Will keep the thread alive in case someone has any other trick to test.


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