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A 10.1" Android tablet equipped with a Quad Core processor, 16 GB storage, and 1 GB RAM.

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Dragon Touch K10 - screen is frozen and there is nothing I can do.

I have a Dragon Touch K10 but had to put that I had the M10X because this website sucks for stuff like that. My screen is frozen and there is nothing I can do. Please help!

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Since making repair help pages is more of a pain then using WIX on here let me try to help others by answering my own question.

Is your screen frozen and you are already booted up and are at the “desktop” screen (where you can either see all of your alerts or apps) and all you can do is press the power button and that just turns the screen off and on and the volume button(s) works but you cannot activate anything on your screen when you tap on it?

If it was me all I would do is get a paper clip and gently put it into the hole that is right next to the power button far enough inside so it presses the reset button and then remove it and then your table should restart.

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if it is the same problem i am having it won't turn on past the android screen. u turn it on and it powers up to that screen and will not go any further. i have the same tablet. And the reset button on this model is by the sd card slot on the bottom and u put a paper clip in there and it doesn't do anything. i was able to get it to go into the screen that has the factory reset , mount something , clear some patrician, tried them all nothing worked . guess it is beyond repair


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