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Released in November 2017, the Oppo F5 is the first smartphone to use an 18:9 display instead of 16:9. In spite of having a 6.0-inch screen, the F5's width is similar to the 5.5" display with 16:9. Models CPH1723 and CPH1727.

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Screen discoloration after gluing the screen back.

My phone's screen popped out, and I used super glue to glue it back and after some time discoloration in the screen appears from yellow turning into some kind of a rainbow (?). Is it possible that this is only temporary?

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Never ever use super glue when repairing any electronic as it is quite permanent. You’ll need to replace the display as it most likely ate a few of the layers in the display. On the bright side, the F5 uses the cheaper LCD display rather than OLED but the bad news is, you used super glue which most likely made it harder to repair.

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