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The Sager NP8952 is an ultralight gaming laptop sold by Sager Notebook Computers, released in 2017. The NP8952 is a rebrand of the P950HR manufactured by the Taiwanese company Clevo. Its notable features include an Intel i7 7700-HQ CPU, Nvidia GTX 1070 max-Q GPU, and upgradeable RAM and storage. The NP8952 was replaced with the newer NP8954 in 2018.

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Laptop Goes To Sleep After 2 Hours and then shuts down.

After a continuous use of ~1.5 hrs its suddenly goes into sleep, wakes up, sleeps again and then finally shuts down.

I am running on AC power without battery.

Is there any way to trouble shoot or identify the cause of the problem?

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Check your computer settings. All computers shut off after a while, even when they’re on AC.

You’ll find a setting regarding Sleep Mode and Shut Down where you can change if your computer should shut down/go into Sleep Mode in X hours/minutes or never.

That usually fixes it, however if the computer goes into Sleep Mode while use it’s worrisome and the problem may be deeper.

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Thanks, Actually it goes to sleep, wakes up, goes to sleep and then shuts off, suddenly in the middle of work. Any suggestions.


You could try resetting power plans to its previous settings ( command to that is powercfg -restoredefaultschemes) or update the display driver.


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