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Water dispenser runs slow.

My water dispenses very slow. It is not the filter. I suspect it’s the filter housing/tank assembly that not opening properly. How can I check that?

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One thing to check is if the unit has a filter, if it does have a filter and it’s been in use for some time the filter may have filled up, this is also highly dependant on water quality. Something else to check is where the water is supplied from. It’s possible that trash has gotten into the valve. If it’s your own home and you can find where the water is supplied from, you can turn off your main valve and dismantle the supply valve. Be careful of working with the main supply valve, depending on the age of the valve it may or may not operate and may or may not fully close. If you have City water it might be good to find out what the policy’s of the Water Utility is in regard to turning off the curb stop. I’ve written about water supply issues because they are both comparatively easy and filled with multiple pit falls. If the issue is inside the Refrigerator it’s self, well if the "Frig” works, put a pitcher of water inside and forget about the water dispenser. Of course you will want to think about the warranty status and general age of your refrigerator. Your mileage may vary, free advise, use at your own risk.

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