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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is 7.2 cu. ft. capacity electric dryer by Kenmore.

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Who do so still have NO HEAT!

I have replaced the following in attempts to get the element to work.

All thermistors

ALL fuses

Heating Element

Machine Control Board

i get a error code of F28 which is down from the 2 codes prior to me buying a new board(topside left )

F28 is the only code now and I’m not sure where to look from here do I replace the moisture harness AND the moisture strips? I’ve about replaced every part with the exception of the motor and such all electrical parts are new and I am at a loss as to why it still won’t heat up

someone please help me I’m no appliance repair man, but I’m really good at locating everything on this dryer now sadly

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Please give us you model number. Meanwhile here is my previous answer to this question:

i'm getting a f28 error code

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It s a Kenmore Elite H3 Electric Dryer, model 110.8782601. I read that post prior to posting and my drum spins, seems everything but the heat is working even with that new MCU I replaced up top. Now I did some digging and found an article that said to check the outlet for both legs @ 120V as this will allow the drum to spin but will not allow the unit to heat if there’s not the proper amount of electricity equaling 240V. So I’m going to probe the outlet just to make sure this isn’t the issue. Any other thoughts are welcomed here. I’ve just about rebuilt this dryer like a 426 Hemi at this point. Lol


Hi @motorcity313

Did you mean 110.87872601 or 110.87892601 as the number you posted gives no results?

You are correct about needing 2 x 120V supplies to the dryer.

On p.8 of the owner/installation manual it shows the electrical requirements for the dryer.


Okay, sorry for the delay guys. So I tested the outlet and I found that one HOT side terminal in the plug blew out! So it’s not getting the other leg of 120v to supply the MCU and heating element.

I am kind of relieved that I found the issue. I got an electrician coming to replace the faulty fire hazard plug ASAP . Going back to the model number now of my dryer:

Kenmore Elite H3 Electric Dryer # (110.87892601)

It’s the smart heat Quietpak4 model


MCU Board


Thermal Fuse

Moisture fuse

Heating Element

The F28 code is the only code showing now, which is the moisture sensor. I’m hoping that when the plug is replaced that it might clear out as I have replaced that thermistor, but I haven’t replaced the sensor strips (yet)

The communication error code that it had went away soon as I changed the MCU so this F28 is all that’s left in the diagnostic test mode.


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@motorcity313 follow the test #5 on the tech sheet procedure and see if that works for you

Block Image

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I did test 5 and it did beep. This is why I am hoping it’s just plug related.


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