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Das erste Smartphone von Google mit Android, das Pixel XL (Modell Nummer: G-2PW2100) kam am 20. Oktober 2016 auf den Markt. Es hat ein 5.5" AMOLED Display, 3450 mAh Akku und 32 oder wahlweise 128 GB Speicher.

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Battery replacement failed to light screen

I bought the battery replacement kit and followed the directions. I practiced on another, identical, broken device, so was pretty familiar with the procedure when I got to the “real” phone.

It seemed that all went well. When I fired it up (before applying the final adhesive) I got no screen response. I charged it overnight for about 14 hours (no screen indicator during this time).

When I press and hold the power button I feel a haptic vibration. The vibration is very brief. That would seem to indicate that the battery is live and connected.

I don’t know what to do now.

Any thoughts?


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Sounds like the screen might not be connected fully. Try reseating all of the ribbon cables with the battery unplugged.


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Mach dein iPhone so gut wie neu mit unseren Fix Kits.

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Mach dein iPhone so gut wie neu mit unseren Fix Kits.

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Have you checked that there no component missing near the display connection socket ?

unfortunately I have the same issue and i think is due to some capacitor broke during the flat removal :(

i bought a new display, and both old and new make no life signal

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