Phone wont turn on or charge


My phone ran out of battery and now won’t turn back on, I have tried different chargers, tried holding down the power button, etc, but it simply won’t turn back on or charge.

I have connected it to a USB Voltmeter/Ampmeter and it reports that it is charging at 4.95V and 0.064A (64mA). I don’t want to open the phone at least until i’m sure of the issue as I do not want to void my warranty, is the charging port dead or is this a battery issue?


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See if it is recognized be a computer if you plug it in. If it isn't, then it could honestly be anything causing the issue. If something is bad my guess would be charging port or logic board. If it's a bad battery it should still come on if its plugged in.


Plugged into a computer, made the USB "ding" sound but no devices showed up. I would open it and try checking the charging port/connections but it's under warranty so ill try getting it repaired. Apparently it will have to be factory reset to be repaired meaning I lose quite a bit of my data :(


I’m Having the same proBlem, the pc recognize it but I can’t do anything else, I have just a black screen, I can’t enter in fastboot mode, anything, if you solve the problem please let me know! Thanks!


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