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Device and repair pages for the Motorola Moto G7 Power smartphone. The phone was released in March 2019, with model numbers XT1955-1, XT1955-2, XT1955-4, XT1955-5, and XT1955-7.

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Why is my phone not charging

My charging station inside my phone is not working how do I fix it

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I know some things suggested here, will be a bit obvious at first, but let’s take it from the top.

  1. Make sure nothing is inside the charging port and/or the charging cable. If you see dust or lint/dirt inside the port or cable, gently take it out with a toothpick or slim tweezers. Make sure to not force or put pressure as you are doing that, as it could bend/break the charging port.
  2. Try different cables/power box and different power outlets.
  3. Take a look at the USB-C on the phone, and make sure the port is not bent or broken.
  4. Turn off the phone. Then take the phone with the cable cord connected (with no power box), and plug into a USB port on a computer/laptop Turn the computer/laptop on. Leave it plugged in for about an hour to two. Then, take the phone and disconnect it from the USB, and plug it into the power box and onto a wall power outlet like normal. Leave it until it is fully charged. Then you may turn it on.
  5. Make sure the water damage indicator has not changed color or dissolved. (Take SIM tray out, and a white square sticker should be seen inside close to the edge of the SIM tray.) You may need a flashlight to be able to see it better.
  6. Depending on how long ago you got the device, if it’s under a year, it has the one year warranty from your wireless carrier. If not, but you have insurance on it, you can put a claim, but you may have a deductible. If the device does have water damage and/or is damaged by anything else other than technical problems, your carrier may have you pay the deductible or pay the remaining balance of the phone if you are on a payment plan, in order to get a new device.

Hope those steps help.

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Mine just switched from getting a white light on top to the large charging icon coming on briefly. Hopefully it will charge. Even with a new Motorola charger I get the “phone charging slowly please use a Motorola charger” message.

Other than this, the G7 power generally lasts long.

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I had a similar problem where my moto G7 would not charge unless turned off, what I did was look at all apps that I had installed recently and either uninstall them or force stop them to see if it might be a software issue. Then I tried lots of different cables, and lightly twisted them while they were inside. Eventually, one of them must have dislodged some kind of dust particle or piece of lint and then it worked again. I would recommend getting a small canister of compressed air to have to hand to help clean the charge port periodically. Also make sure that you have all software updates up to date, just incase it is a software issue.

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Dealing with the same crap. I just recently made the developer functionality available by repeatedly hitting the build number section located in the "About the phone" heading in settings at the very bottom about 7-10 times but will have a notice of your progress and the amount needed. I selected " Keep the screen on when charging" the I downloaded the "Ampere" app at google play store, opened it up to run ( it shows wether the connection is good or if its n along with the mA amount but you can view its progress much easier and , ore confidently during the charging process. Ots been about 1½-2 hours now of non interrupted charging and went from 3% to 90%. So its not a complete solution or fix but accomplishes giving you peace pf mind and a charge phone. Almost forgot, after plugging in I rested the end of the connector (furthest end of connector plug piece from the end that goes into the phone)on top of something that about ⅜ high but on the same siface the phone is resting on to put a little added upwards pressure on the plug. Like the same direction if you where to lift the phone by grabbing the charging cord, that directional angle.

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This is all too complicated for an 85 year old technophobe 😂


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