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The Grand Prix was updated for 2004 on a revised version of the GM W platform and was unveiled at the 2002 Chicago International Auto Show on February 7, 2002 as the Grand Prix G-Force Concept.

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Heat/ac fan turning on when car is off and locked.


I have a really serious problem where my hvac fan is turning on at full blast on it’s own. I would turn the fan knob all the way to off, turn the car off, close and lock the door, and if I come back like half an hour later or so, theres a chance the fan will be running.

And the only way to turn it off is to turn the key on and off a few times, as turning the fan knob to high then back to off does nothing. However, when the car is running, I have no problem with it, it works as it should.

I need a solution to this real fast because it could come on at night, and run the battery down, and then in the morning when I leave for work boom dead car.

TL;DR: Hvac fan is turning on by itself, need a fix.

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It sounds like a it might have a sticking relay. It's impossible to be sure because I am not there to test it. You probably need to take it to a repair shop. Electrical issues can be hard to find and impossible if you don't know what you are doing. The person checking in out must find where you power is coming from so they have to start at one end of the circuit and trace it back. I decent mechanic should be able to fix this fairly easily. And a lot of the people who answer these questions don't know anything about cars. They are electric repair technicians, they work on phones and tablets. I just happened to be a mechanic for 35 years and had a stroke from an infection and currently can't walk without a Walker. So I taught myself to repair iPhones. So I happen to know how a car works. But in my opinion you would be better off taking it to a local repair shop. Ask around for a place that does quality work and are fair to there customers. Don't go with someone just because they are cheaper, remember you get what you pay for. And a good mechanic will probably fix it cheaper than a cheap shop who uses backyard mechanics that never learned how to do it correctly.

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