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Philips logo comes on then tv goes completelly black

Hello! I have a Philips 55pfs8109/12.

When I plug it to the wall it starts booting and Philips logo comes on for about a second or 2 then goes completely black. No backlight, no picture. When I use the joystick at the back of the TV the standby led comes on as it should.

No Ambilight either.

First I would like to know if these sympthons would indicate a faulty mainboard or PSU board.


Update (06/03/2020)

A little update.

If I let the tv boot loop long enough, it shots down ans the standby led starts to blink twice, then pause. and does this continuously.

And also, the Ambilight does actually comes on when the Philips logo is shown, I just forgot to plug it back in before.

Any help is appreciated!


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Hi @cronvell ,

Don’t know the answer but here’s a link to the service manual that may help.

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