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Dies ist das Google Pixel Smartphone der dritten Generation und das erste mit einem Notch. Es verfügt über ein 6,3" QHD+ OLED Display und 64 oder 128 GB Speicher. Erhältlich in Clearly White, Just Black oder Not Pink.

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Black Screen after Display Replacement

Hello, This google Pixel 3XL I have had a damaged lcd but the screen was still visible it was just cracked. I went to do the screen replacement and everything came off fine and there is no visible damage, but after replacing the screen the display is black but the phone is powering on, so i assumed that the new display I had received was defective, but i put on a second screen today and it is having the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated trying to get this running asap. Thanks.

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It appears that the display would not come on completely until the back cover of the phone was put into place and the capacitive pins on the touch ID sensor were making contact, very strange issue, but once all together the problem was resolved, and the display came back on phone appears to be working fine.

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Did you disconnect the battery before you removed the screen? .you could have damaged the back light circuit. Look and see if you can see anything is a darker room and shine a light on the screen. And see if you can see anything.

Update (06/11/2020)

It sounds like you might have blown a filter on the back light circuit. You should pull the board out and check the circuit. Or if this is out of you skills take it to a repair shop. You will most likely need do microsolder work.

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The battery was disconnected before the screen was removed. I have shined a light on the screen and cant seem to see anything. It appears that there is no backlight, the screen seems to not be powering on at all but the phone is vibrating and notifications sounds are coming through.


Update: It looks like once i had the back panel re connected with the touch id touching the capacitive pins then it brought the display on, not really sure as to why this would work but it did. Thanks for your comments, and I am a repair shop and it doesn't appear any microsolder work is needed.


Ok. I didn't know what your skill level was. Glad you figured it out.


Yeah it's not problem haha thanks for all the suggestions it helped me work through the problem.


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