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How can I access my phone if the screen is broke?

I need to get my files off of my phone, but the screen is cracked (very fragile thing) and the screen isn’t showing up. So obviously I wont be able to press “allow” to let the computer interface with the phone storage. What can I do?

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You could put the motherboard into another phone and extract the data and remove it. The only cost will be time and possibly a 80 cent adhesive strip to reseal the battery cover. Or you can put a new screen on it. You can buy a new screen for around 200 to 250 dollars with frame. And I would buy it with frame. You might also get a new battery cover because if you aren't good at taking these off they are easy to break. But the cover is less than 5 dollars. All you will need is a heat gun or a hair dryer a pair of tweezers, a plastic spugger and a mini Phillips screwdriver. Ifixit has videos and there are a lot more on YouTube. You can either keep the phone or sell it and buy something else.

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