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The second generation was introduced as a 2003 model at the 2002 Chicago Auto Show, based on the new Impreza platform, featuring several fine-tune improvements over the past model.

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How do I remove the windshield wiper arms?

I have a 2003 Forester with aged bushings in the wiper transmission linkage. I need to remove the wiper arms, so I can get access to the linkage under the cowl between the windshield and the hood. But I can’t fit any tool (screwdriver, gear puller, battery terminal puller, etc.) without damaging the cowl. How do I remove the wiper arms?

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Here are some images taken from the 2003 Subaru Forester service manual Body section, showing how to remove the wiper arms and the wiper motor and linkage and cowl etc.

Block Image

Block Image

(click on images to enlarge for better viewing)

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