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Dokumentation und Anleitungen für die Reparatur des am 22. September 2017 veröffentlichten iPhone 8. Modellnummern A1863, A1905.

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Switching iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 batteries?


I’m wondering if it’s possible/feasible to put an iPhone 7 battery in an iPhone 8 and if anyone has done it. The iPhone 7 has a 1960 mAh battery while the iPhone 8 has a 1821 mAh battery. Even though Apple claims they should both last about the same time (owing to the greater power efficiency of the A11 vs the A10, among other improvements), switching the iPhone 8’s battery with the iPhone 7’s would technically lead to longer battery life. Teardown videos show a very remarkable internal similarity between the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8.

This would also remain true for the iPhone 7 Plus and the 8 Plus. The former supposedly has a 2900 mAh battery while the latter makes do with a 2675 mAh.

So if anyone has any experience with this or any expert advice to offer, I would really appreciate it.

Also interested in a switch the opposite way (iPhone 8/8 Plus —> iPhone 7/7 Plus).

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So recently, I went to get my iphone 7 battery replaced and the repair shop didn't have stock for the iphone 7 battery and offered to just switch the battery connector between the one he had (which was an iphone 8 battery) and the one in the iphone 7. Should I be concerned?


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The battery connections are different and they won't work. Apple changes the battery connection every year.

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Aah okay. I don’t know why I didn’t guess that before. What’s the possibility of switching the battery connector on the iPhone 7 battery with the iPhone 8 one ?


Almost impossible, I would not consider trying to do so because it is too difficult to rewire the battery connector pinout circuitry.


I used an iPhone X battery connector with an aftermarket iPhone 6 battery in an iPhone 8 Plus to test it, it worked but the phone would shut down after a few minutes. If you feel comfortable messing with batteries you could try it. Remember batteries are dangerous though.


Thank you for the advice! Could you please outline the process for switching the battery connectors ? Did you switch the connector on the motherboard or the battery itself ? I suspect the Phone may have switched off because the iPhone 6 battery is smaller than what the iPhone 8 Plus expects. If you place a larger one (like iphone 7’s inside an iPhone 8) if might work. Also would it be more prudent to switch the connector at the end of the wire or the wire itself ?


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The iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 use different battery connectors. The iPhone 7 and 6s use the same connector but the cables are different lengths and it causes the battery percentage to be wrong. You can test an iPhone 7 with a 6s battery though. The iPhone X and 8 plus have the same battery connector also, although I don’t know if it will supply enough power to turn on either one. In short, no, iPhone 7 and 8 batteries are NOT interchangeable.

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iPhone 6s (of mine) has a iPhone 7 aftermarket battery in it for about two weeks and it works great, much faster and lasts longer. Do not hesitate to try it! They will work as I say: iPh 6 battery to 6+, iPh 6s to 6s+ and 7 or 7+. Whats above that is not compatible and will catch on fire if you try to force the connection. Peace and dont forget the fire extinguisher. xoxo


Can I put iPhone 7 battery by soldering my iPhone 8 bms to it ? Plz help


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