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Repair and information guide for the Samsung RH22H9010, a side-mounted freezer refrigerator with standard door access, an automatic ice maker, and a compact built-in design. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RH22H9010**.

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Samsung fridge: Hard water even after changing water filter

Hi everyone,

It’s my first time here on this forum. I’ve been looking for answer to this question but I couldn’t find any help yet so if anyone has experienced the same problem please help me. The problem is that my Samsung refrigerator has been dispensing hard water for a long time now even after I tried to replace the water filter many times. First, I tried the Samsung water filter that I bought on Amazon, I measured the hard water and it came out to be over 100 ppm. I thought the problem was due to the filter that was a knock off so I bought another one directly from BestBuy and the problem was still the same. After 6 months, I replaced the water filter again, this time I tried a different brand and when I measured the water it was about 95-98ppm. So I doubt it’s not because of the water filter but may be something is wrong with the fridge. I also tested the water filter under my sink and it was under 1ppm. Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong with my fridge? Please help. Thanks in advance.

My fridge is 22 cu. ft. Food Showcase Counter Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Metal Cooling in Stainless Steel. MODEL NUMBER: RH22H9010SR/AA

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These filters don't actually get rid of hard water. Are for chlorine and sediment and help with the taste and smell. You will need a water softener. You may have one for the house already but not all of the water is softened depending on how it's hooked up. Most outside hose faucets aren't connected to the water softener. And if you have a water softening system it sounds like the water line to the fridge is not connected to that system.

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Thank you for your help. I will look into it.


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The refrigerator water filter is trying to remove some dust, contamination, and possibly chemicals. So if your tap water is having low contamination then filter won’t improve the PPM level. We live in Austin, TX where tap water has 165 ppm level. With refrigerator filter it is coming to 155 ppm. However, if you use RO filter (under the sink), it would be using Reverse Osmosis (RO) process to remove above contamination as well as (some good) minerals. Since your PPM is high, the tap water is hardened with lot of minerals (many of them are good) and when it goes through RO, it remove all these minerals and giving you low ppm count.

You would be OK to use tap water itself. Refrigerator filter isn’t adding much new value for you — IMHO.

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Some filters are better than others at removing minerals that cause hard water. If you have already tried replacing the filter and are still experiencing hard water, consider upgrading to a more effective filter.

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