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JBL Flip 5 can only turn on and turn off

Hello, i’ve just putted my JBL Flip 5 to charge because it wasn’t fully charged.

After i wanted to use it, and it doesn’t work as it should, i can only turn it off and turn it on, i can’t even factory reset it

No lights and not detected by Bluetooth, when i’m charging or turning on. Only the typical sound of JBL when i turn it on/off.

Does someone have an idea?

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For the Hard reset did you turn your device on , hold the volume and play button at the same time until the speaker turns off. Once off turn the speaker back on, a blue light should flash on the Bluetooth button, and now it is ready to connect. The device you are connecting the speaker to, if it has already been connect go into Bluetooth setting and choose forget JLP Flip 5. Proceed by reconnecting the Bluetooth device to the speaker.

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